Advantages and disadvantage of household cookware

In order to cook food, you have to use the pots, pans and the cook. Cookware is the term used to mention to all types of pots and pans. The following paragraphs will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of cookware.

  1. Stainless steel cookware, having or not having the anti-sticking layer

 – Advantages:

  • Can be used for the infrared cooker
  • Do not create noise during the cooking process.
  • Can be used for cooking any kinds of food.

- Disadvantage: 

  • Temperature will not be circulated equally in the bottom of the cookware having the diameter under 230mm.
  • The cleaning can be difficult for the one which does not have the anti-sticking layer. You should dip it with some detergent.
  • The cover of the enamel can be removed if there is no food in the cookware if the temperature is high.

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  1. Cast iron cookware, having or not having the enamel in the bottom of the cookware

 – Advantages:

  • Do not create noise during the cooking process.
  • Good heat transfer at low temperature.
  • Can be suitable for cooking food requiring low temperature.
  • Can be easy to clean.

- Disadvantages: 

  • The bottom of the cookware which does not have the enamel can be very harsh.
  • If put the cookware without food into the cooker at high temperature the enamel can be broken. So for this kind of cookware, the cookware should be heated gradually.
  1. Some other ant-rust steel cookware:

- Advantages:

  • Can be easy to absorb the heat.
  • Can put the food inside the cookware at the high temperature and do not need to worry about the cases like the 2 above mentioned types of cookware. Anti-rust steel cookware will change to the color of light green.
  • Can be easy to clean.
  • Can be suitable for cooking any kinds of food.

- Disadvantages:

  • Can not be good at heat absorption with cookware which can reinstall the bottom.
  • The interconnection with the infrared cooker will be very low when the anti-rust steel can not access the heat to the cookware from the infrared cooker.
  • When the cookware having a low quality of the anti-rust steel, the infrared cooker will limit to produce the heat to protect some accessorizes of the infrared cooker.
  • Noise can be heard during the process of cooking with this kind of cookware.
  • Besides the fact that you have to choose the most suitable cookware, the effect of cooking must depend on the quality if the used cooker. In order to make sure that your cookware can be used to its maximum function you should find the equivalent cooker for it.

In general, there can be other kinds of cookware which can be used widely. However, regardless of which kinds, you have to keep in mind that you have to use them properly according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Art for choosing paintings for the living room

Art for choosing paintings for the living room
All depends on your personal characteristics. Personal feature will help you to form the style for the living room then what you decorate for your living room in turn will tell to others know who is the owner of this living room. A wall painting will be a window opening door for more creativeness and openness. So how can you choose the suitable painting for your living room?

Firstly, you have to ask yourself: do you want the painting to present something or make some kinds of feeling? Or simply you just need the color block or something to cover the wall? How is your budget for the painting? Do you have time to choose the painting until you find the most suitable? When you can answer all these questions then you can be easy to focus on what you really need in order to have a best wall painting for the living room.
For example, you are a romantic person but you do not have so much time, you also would like to set the limit for your budget because you are going to move to the new house. The first thing you have to do is to redecorate the house. You look around through the Internet and can find down a lot of online shop which can provide to you a wide range of suitable wall painting for your living room. But now you worry about how to choose as you only have some days left before your friends may come to your new house. You have to decide immediately. And in case you do not know how to choose, you can refer to the following hints:

  1. What is the color of your sofa and your curtain? Try to the painting with the same color with these 2 things.
  2. Or you can try opposite color to create the outstanding difference. If your sofa is in green you can choose the painting with the main color in red or you can match the green with the orange, violet can go together with yellow.
  3. You can choose color according to the tone of the color. If the lamp, vase of flower are in orange so you can choose warm color tone from red to yellow or from dark brown to grey. Anyway, you have to try to create a consistency in color to create the artistic feeling for the living room otherwise the room will become a mess.
  4. But you have to avoid the contrast pair of color such as green and black, red and violet, fresh red and brown. These matching can create the mess.
  5. You are not advised to use blur color which can nor present the energy such as light yellow, red or pink. These colors are very light and can not reflect anything, especially the energy and good air for the living room.
  6. If you are not fond of shining color, you should try not to use them as these colors can make viewers dazzled and lose focus when seeing the painting.

Secondly is about the size of the painting. You have to identify the space which needs to be decorated in your house. It can be the wall space above the television shelf or the pathway along the stair. This is very important because it can affect to the size of the painting you are going to choose to decorate this wall space. A too big painting can break your tiny space but in contrast a small painting can not attract other’s attention to your living room. Leave some space around the painting which can make the atmosphere quite and relaxing.
Normally the size of the painting and the size of the wall space will have the same ratio but you can not follow this standard to make the difference. You can try to hang a small painting in the large wall space, only the painting no other things, no shelf. By this way you can break the quietness and create the opposite feeling and freedom. But you must be very careful with nonstandard ratio as a big painting in the wall space can be too large for the eye to cover all the details of the painting.

Thirdly, the type of the painting is very important also in making the feeling or emotion that you would like to make. You have to choose the painting in line with your characteristics. Do not be afraid in showing yourself, extending your limitations and experiencing new things.

– If you are romantic so the copy of the paintings of famous portrait or landscape or abstract painting is a perfect choice.

– If you are creative, you can choose painting of impressive and supernatural painters.

– A photographer may like to decorate his/her living room with a nude women picture or paintings

Personal characteristics and their paintings always show the interconnected relationship because inside each of us is an artist. Personal and natural art is usually highly appreciated because it can present exactly the soul of the people. Therefore, just choose what you like and what can reflect yourself the most which will not be out of date times over times.
Fourthly, it is the budget. Of course, if you have a thousand of dollars for a painting of Monet, Matisse or Van Gogh so there is nothing to say. However, most of us only have the limited budget for house decoration. Nowadays, with the development of modern technology, the ability to produce a huge amount of paintings has reduced the price a lot which create the chance for everybody who loves painting can afford to decorate for their living space. Not everybody has enough time and money to buy a painting sold from their house a thousand of miles. Then they have to pay high cost for delivery and insurance. It does not yet mention to the case that when it is delivered in fact it can not reflect what you want or not fit with your room. As a result, many online shops now can offer you reasonable oil painting. You can ask them for the size you want or you can go directly to the shop to see visually.
The above paragraphs are typical items you should take into consideration when you have the intention to decorate your living room with a painting.


Decorating the living room with oil paintings

The following hints will offer to you smart ways to choose the best oil painting which will contribute to your house decoration.

  1. Impress the living room with an oil painting

All people would like decorate their living space, especially for the living room. There are many ways for you to decorate the most important place in your house for example pictures, hanging statues, tree and so on.

Among many others, a wall painting is always a very good idea. Your living room space will be more beautiful if you can choose the best painting for your living room. And it you love art then an oil painting can be a very good solution to make your living room more impressive. Each painting will help you to show the style as well as the artistic feature of the owner. Therefore, you must be very careful in choosing painting which will decorate for the space where you will invite your friends.

So do you know how to decorate the living room with a painting? An oil painting could be one of good choice for you to consider. The mixture of the 3 colors: yellow, red and black has created the harmonized and impressive general outlook. Typical color of the sunset landscape, the landscape of house in forest with trees, rives or streams can bring different living space.

You should be careful in choosing the image of the painting, it is better if inside the landscape there is human being, can be a couple or a family which will make the painting more vivid and alive. Or you can have a painting of flower or fruit which can show the prosperity for the house. There is also the tendency that the owner will hang the picture of the animal belonging to the age of the owner.

  1. How to choose a wall hanging painting?

When you decide to choose the oil painting, the most important factor is the size of the painting must be in line with the furniture and the size of the living room. Not only the size, the color and the shape of the painting must be in line with the furniture also. You also have to consider to the ability to transfer motion of the painting in the living room.

The painting should be hung averagely with the eye of the viewers. If a group of paintings is chosen so the center painting should be in the middle of the viewer’s eye. Is the paintings are arranged according to vertical dimension the living room will look higher while when being arranged in horizontal dimension the room will look larger.

It will be more beautiful if the painting is hung over the sofa in the living room. The painting should not be bigger than the sofa. The paintings in the opposite wall if any should be in the same content and size. On the other hand, we can in one wall hanging a big painting and in the opposite wall, it will be better if you arrange a group of small paintings. The decoration of paintings must follow a unique style if you use different paintings in size.

Regardless of how you will decorate, you have to keep in mind that the painting should be firmly hung into the wall. You also have to clean it frequently. Each type of painting will have its own way of preservation and storage that you have to follow strictly. You also have to make sure that the wall you are going to hang the painting is dry enough otherwise your painting will be affected by mould and termite.

Paintings for the living room

The living room should be decorated by the passion of the owner. Painting in the living room is one of the basic things which can reflect the owner passion. People would like to try different types of painting in their living room while for others, painting is just simple decoration items in the wall of the living room. Regardless of the way and meaning, painting is more used and actually makes your living room more vivid. However, to decorate the living room wall with a painting you should be a little bit creative and focused on searching and finding information and solution for house design and improvement. Because if you just go out and then buy a certain painting then hang it in the wall of your living room. In some case, it can break your living room space. 

To save your time and effort, the following will show you how to choose and decorate the painting for your living room wall. However, you should keep in mind that, it does not mean that all these instruction can be well applied for your living room. You have to yourself find down the typical characteristics of your own living room, then apply the advice in the right manner to avoid the unsuccessful application for your house.

Choose a big or small painting?

Almost all the furniture and decoration items should be in line with the size and space of the living room. Paintings if more than one can be big or small but you must care about the quantity and the position to arrange. For example, a big frame painting can be harmonized with the bigger room but you are allowed to hang one big painting in the wall of the small living room. In the big room, if the wall is enough for the 2 paintings you can hang them together. You can hang other decoration item in between these 2 paintings such as the wall lamp or a vase of flower. When you use the small decoration pictures, you can hang them in queue, making sure that there is at least some kind of connection among them, do not make them as separating things. A range of paintings should be in line in terms of color and content, some can be different in content but at least it must follow a certain principle or style.
Choose the style of the paintings?


The type of paintings you are choosing depending on your style. You can choose the decoration painting, oil painting, paper made painting or embroidery painting which can satisfy your hobby and requirement but it must be in line with your overall style of the living room. For example, you can decorate your living room with modern style with shining and sharp furniture. Then you can not hang an ancient painting there, right? Or you can image, you have a traditional living room but you hang in the wall an abstract painting. So when buying the painting, you should be realistic. However, there are paintings which will be suitable for all living room. They are paintings of landscape, food, fruit, flower, animal or any living activities and so on.

Choose the cheap or expensive painting for the living room?

Now everything is up to your budget, there will be no limit when you decide to buy a painting as the price is very various. You can be lucky enough to have an original painting of famous painter if you can have a big saving or you can have the copy of the painting with the lower price. However, it is clear that it does not mean that a cheap painting can be a second level one. Cheap paintings can be drawn by potential painters who would like to show their talent for a beautiful painting or simply they are copied from a famous one. One thing should be cared is that an expensive and strange painting can become isolated in the living room with normal furniture. So you have to choose the one which can fit your budget and at the same time fit with the price of other things in the living room.

How to choose the suitable television shelf?

A television, regardless of its type a LCD or a thick CRT television, can be more beautiful if placed into a well designed television shelf harmonized with the surrounding furniture in the living room space.

A television shelf besides the function of holding the television and other audio system devices, it can play the role of the decoration items which can be used to store other things such as tapes, DVD, books and other visual and audio accessorizes.

The below advice can help you to choose your best television shelf which is ideal to your house, especially for your living room.

A television shelf which is in line with the furniture and decoration style of the living room

The selection of the television can be simple but it is not easy because it is the center of the living room which will draw the attention of everybody when coming into the living room of the house. Therefore, the chosen television shelf should be matched with style, color tone of the living room.

If your living room is decorated according to the ancient style using a wide range of wood furniture with dark color then the television shelf should follow this style, for example the television shelf should be made of wood with vignette.

You can choose the one made of natural wood with dark color or can be processed with painting color outside. The color can be in line with the color of floor brick and table and chair in the living room.

If the living room is under the modern style so it is easier to decorate and choose the suitable television shelf. You can choose any kind made of processed wood, glass or the mixture of materials which can emphasize the style of the item.

Appropriate size

Besides the fact that the television shelf has a good performance, durable material, the television shelf must be in line with the size of course of the television and the living room space. For the living room you can choose the bigger one compared with the bed room.

If you use the vertical television shelf, so the width of this shelf must be equal or larger than the size of the television inside to reach the balance in terms of size. If you choose the horizontal television shelf, besides the television, you can put other audio system devices such as recorder. In this case you have to pay attention to the depth of the shelf to make sure that it will match with the space of the living room.

Moreover, you have to care about the ability to stand the outside power especially television shelf made of glass or processed industrial wood.

Multifunctional television shelf

The television is not simply the thing to hold the television it can at the same time contain other items such as recorder, speakers and amply and so on. This will make the living room tidier and well sorted out. The room also looks gentler with nice arrangement.

With the vertical television shelf you have to choose one with many drawers. You can put different things is each drawer. One for tapes and DVD, one for remote control and other audio accessorizes and one can be for books and newspapers.

For the horizontal television shelf, there may be fewer drawers but the drawers can be bigger with glass door leaf. You can put some decoration items such as picture frame or statue or some bottle of wine in one side. For the other side you can put some audio accessorizes as you do for the vertical television shelf.

Things for placing a sofa in the living room

Based on the comment of the house designer in general and sofa designer in particular, if you know how to choose the most suitable sofa and place it properly in accordance with surrounding furniture you can make your living room more beautiful, gentle and polite.

With the sofa, the living room will become more convenient, luxurious and you will feel beloved with life. If you want to create an impressive feeling for your living room, good selection of suitable sofa is very important. Modern, vivid color and stylist sofa can bring to your living room the luxury but in a simple manner. The selection of sofa for the living room depends on the eye looking, style of the owners such as young, cozy, modern or luxurious and so on. Each sofa will have its own size, matching with all types of living room. If you buy from well-know sellers you can get a very good warranty service. After you choose a suitable sofa, now you have to decide where to place your sofa in the living room.

Where to decorate the sofa in the living room?

How to decorate a sofa is not easy at all because sofa is the main factor in your living room. However there are common ways to decorate a sofa in the living room for your reference:

–  It can be said that in line with the principle for designing the living room, sofa is the center. So you have to invest seriously to make sure that your sofa will be the great impress of your living room. You have to keep in your mind that: you have to decorate the sofa so that every guest when come to your living room have the feeling of liking to sit on your sofa then they can enjoy the space of your living room. This is the criteria of all house designers for the living room in general and for the sofa in the living room in particular.

– The decoration of the sofa must in line with the living room in terms of dimension and color. This is an important but also complicated issue. However, you have to make it otherwise it does not make sense for decoration. With the small space, you have to consider to narrower the space for the sofa, you can choose the sofa with the most narrow shape to save space. And of course if your living room is big you should find another solution, a corner or narrow sofa can lose its strength in a big living room. Then we can not think that you are having a nice living room.

– Another point you should take into consideration is that the function of the sofa in your living room. If you are rich enough and you have the air conditioner in your living room so you can chose the leather or fabric sofa. On the other hand, if your living room is narrow and you can not afford an air conditioner you should use wood sofa with modern design with appropriate pillows. This is not important thing but very easy to make mistake in house design, especially for the living room.

– You have to know that there are some families who can afford them to have a lot of nice and modern furniture but they still get into trouble later on. They decorate with very luxurious furniture and sofa which is very warm and cozy in the summer. It is very nice and when the air conditioner is turned on it is very comfortable and enjoyable, however, you can not turn the air conditioner all day long but if you do not you can not stand the heat that this kind of sofa can bring to you when you sit on.

What do you think about this case? It is very clear that even if you sit in this kind of sofa with fan, it is still very hot but if not you can not use the sofa. The owner can not be easy in throwing away the high cost sofa they just bought to buy another wood sofa for being cooler. Therefore, you can not use or use but in uncomfortable manner but you can not throw away also. This is the matter of many families that you should keep in mind when you decide to buy a sofa for your family. Moreover, the material in very important also in terms of durability and the ease to clean, of course the wood sofa can be more durable and easier or cleaning rather than the leather or fabric sofa. But is does not mean that you should not buy a leather sofa. If you know how to preserve the leather sofa so it can be used for a long time with a brand new look.

– Other thing is that you also have to depend on your furniture structure to decorate the sofa. When you buy a new sofa or when you want to refresh your living room space you have to find ways to redecorate your sofa which must be fit with the area of your living room. You can put the sofa in the middle of the room, or lean it against one wall of the living room. You can place it in the corner or you can separate the sofa and put each piece in parallel.



How to choose a floor carpet for the living room

In the winter, the color of brick, wood can bring to the owner the cold feeling for the living room. Together with heaters, air conditioners, the floor carpet is an essential thing for the living room in the winter. Besides the function to keep the foot warm in the winter, the carpet can bring warm atmosphere to the room.

In the market, there are many kinds of floor carpets such as wool and fabric floor carpet. Each kind of carpet has its own advantages. Wool carpet will give you a very soft feeling but the price is the highest. For other kinds of hair carpet, the price can be lower but it can not be durable. However, this kind of carpet has many colorful outlooks which is suitable for all styles of living room.

The following helpful information should be under your reference when you decide to buy a carpet for your living room:

Choose the carpet in line with the size of the sofa

Before you buy a floor carpet for the living room, you have to re-measure the size of your sofa to have the appropriate size for the carpet. Normally the carpet will have 2 sizes 1,6×2,3m and 2×2,9m. The first size is suitable for the small living room and in line with corner sofa. The larger size of the carpet is used for bigger sofa which is placed in the middle of the living room.

Choose color for the floor carpet of the living room

Depending on the color of the sofa and the color of the wall of the living room, you can choose the right color for the carpet. You should choose the color of the carpet opposite with the color of the sofa and the wall. This is the way to make the sofa emphasized and at the same time other things in the living room will be more focused.

Choose the carpet which is good for health

This is the thing that not many people when buying a carpet paying attention to. When you choose to buy a floor carpet you should choose one which can be easy to clean and does not stick to dirt so quickly. Besides, during the time you clean the carpet you should softly sweep the dirt before using the vacuum cleaner. The carpet should be kept clean all the time otherwise the dirt can give very bad impact for breath system of family members.

Choose the most stylist floor carpet according to owner style

Depending on the style of the living room, the owner can choose the right carpet. If your living room is designed according to ancient style you can choose the floor carpet with small vignette in parallel which can make the room more luxurious. If the living room is modern, you should choose the floor carpet with simple or plain vignette which will make the room more polite and gentle. This is up to the owner style.